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When You Can Get Pregnant Again After Childbirth

Getting pregnant again shortly after giving birth or known as "baldness" is actually not new. Some mothers can even get pregnant and give birth again with a gap of less than a year. However, when exactly is the right time to get pregnant again after giving birth? In society there is often an assumption if after giving birth, especially if you exclusively breastfeed, women will need more time to get pregnant again. This assumption is not wrong, because exclusive breastfeeding is one method of prevention of pregnancy that is natural. Pregnancy after childbirth can occur without menstruation After giving birth, Mother may think that the sign of fertility is when menstruation returns, so that during menstruation it will not get pregnant again. Even after the puerperium, if women do not use any contraception, including not exclusively breastfeeding, women who have sexually active will have the possibility to get pregnant again. This is related to the ovulation cycle. Ovula
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Know the Facts about Traditional Leucorrhoea

In addition to medicines from doctors, vaginal discharge can be treated with several types of traditional vaginal discharge. Besides being no less effective in dealing with vaginal discharge, this traditional medicine is also easier to obtain. Let's look at what are the traditional medicines for leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea is a condition in which the discharge from the vagina occurs. Leucorrhoea can be normal or abnormal. This normal and abnormal vaginal discharge has different characteristics. Normal vaginal discharge helps keep the vagina healthy, protects the vagina from bacteria, fungi, and parasites that cause infections, as well as natural vaginal lubricants. Normal whitish texture varies, can resemble sticky mucus, can also be clear and runny, depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle. While vaginal discharge that is not normal generally smells unpleasant, colored, the amount is large, and can be accompanied by other complaints, such as itching or pain in the vagina. L

4 Types of Foods That Contain Vitamin E Naturally

Vitamin E is needed to maintain endurance, and maintain healthy skin and eyes. Vitamin E is also widely known as an antioxidant that counteracts cell damage in the body. To supplement your daily nutritional needs, you need to eat foods that contain vitamin E. Adults are advised to get vitamin E intake around 15 mg per day. Higher doses are recommended for consumption by pregnant and lactating women, which is around 19 mg per day. Foods that contain Vitamin E Some people choose to take vitamin E supplements to help meet their daily nutritional needs. In fact, getting vitamin E from foods that contain vitamin E is not difficult. In addition, the use of vitamin E supplements is still being debated and its effectiveness has not been proven. The experts assess, the supplement is only effective in people who are proven to have vitamin E deficiency. Some groups that are susceptible to vitamin E deficiency include those on a low-fat diet, experiencing digestive problems and suffering fr